Memory letter special letter the broth AVIATION PHILATELIQUE with illustration that Concorde to the 1. flight of CONCORDE 001 with red stemp "PREMIER VOL DU CONCORDE 001 AVION SUPERSONIQUE FRANCO - ANGLAIS"
value: 10,00 €


FLOWN letter - carried through the crew under captain COCHRANE and Co-Pilot Baker / blue flight confirmation stemp, red stemp "SUPERSONIC TIME 52 MINS" and green stemp "SUPERSONIC FLIGHT" of special letter the RAF museum for the flight show in Farnborough
value: 45,00 €


Memory letter
value: 15,00 €


value: 35,00 €


Memory letter from 22.4.72 with violet CONCORDESTEMP: "Visit that Concorde 002 on the German aviation show at Hannover", red stemp: "First landing at Germany 22.4.72 CONCORD 002"
value: 20,00 €

Memory letter "CONCORDE SONDERGANZSACHE" for 40 Pf of the Federal Postal Services Berlin dated 22.4.72 with blue print: In "German aviation show Hannover 1972 CONCORDE-PROTOTYPE 002 - in BSST 22./23.April 1972 FILTON-BRISTOL- HANNOVER-FILTON
value: 20,00 €


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