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This form is an interface to the travel service of German Railways / Deutsche Bahn AG. All data is sent to reiseauskunft.bahn.de. Any guarantee for functionality or results cannot be given.

Tip: Placing ? behind a station name (or the beginning of a name) will result in a selection list. ! behind a station name will avoid any selection list.


outward journey - date:      Uhrzeit:      departure arrival

return journey - date:      Uhrzeit:      departure arrival



according to current traffic situation (no ticket booking, no return)

      via:      stopover time (hh:mm):  
      via:      stopover time (hh:mm):  
via stations not used for return journey

means of transport:
      section 1:        
      section 2:     
      section 3:     
carriage of bicycles
use type of transport also for return journey

route from start address to station / stop:  
route from station / stop to destination address:  
minimum transfer time (minutes): 

fare calculation for  1. class 2. class  
      Attention: Families should use "adult" as entry for "1. traveller". "Child" means children
      accompanied by their parents or grandparents or a single unaccompanied child (use only
      entry for "1. traveller"). For other children you have to book separate tickets.  
      Please enter the age of travellers only for international connections.  

      1. traveller:      age: 
      2. traveller:      age: 
      3. traveller:      age: 
      4. traveller:      age: 
      5. traveller:      age: 

Output: also cheap connections displayed  fast connections preferred

old layout (parameter "L=gk", without map view)


interface to the text-only version* of the German Rail travel service

interface to arrival and departure information (german)

*: transfer of input data between forms.

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deutschsprachige Version dieser Seite

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