distorted aerial photo of the Munich railway axis from west of Pasing to the main station, put together from Google Earth 2006

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Views and other Photos

Since autumn 2019 some photos are also found on Instagram.

  Kirschblüte in Bonn 2018     [26.04.2020]
Cherry blossom in Bonn. (Google Photos – see also on Instagram)

Pützchens Markt 2017     [22.04.2020]
The 650th edition of the "Pützchens Markt" fair and festival in Bonn. (Google Photos)
  Winterliches und Vorweihnachtliches     [17.12.2022]
Winter and pre-Christmas season in the Munich area and the Bavarian Oberland (Google Photos).

Views of Munich 2     [29.9.2019]
Google Photos version of "Views of Munich". Photos are with higher resolution but partwise the same as in the old web version.

Wiesnblicke     [29.9.2019]
Photos of a party that starts every September in Munich (Google Photos).
  World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen (2011)     [13.7.2011]
  Railway Station Liège-Guillemins (2009)     [29.6.2011]
  Der Bahnübergang (2006)     [11.11.2014]

Die Baustelle (2014)     [11.11.2014]
  Matterhorn! (2004)     [29.6.2004]
  Berlin Potsdamer Platz (2000)     [11.4.2002]
  Views of Munich     [24.7.2008]

A Winter Walk through the Munich English Garden     [6.2.2005]

Munich – 1964 and 2004     [28.3.2005]
  Pictures from Bonn (2008)     [19.7.2008]

Pictures from Bonn (2002)     [11.4.2002]

Bonn 1957     [1.1.2004]

Bonn Picture Postcards     [6.3.2005]
  Some Photos of Public Transport Vehicles     [1.4.2011]
    Light Rail in Dallas (1997)
    A Journey with ICE-T (2000)
    Trams in Bonn (2000)
    Railway Motor Units for regional Transportation (1996 - 2003)
    Museum of the Munich Verkehrsgesellschaft (2007)


Travel Reports and related Stuff

  List of trips by ships, boats and ferries     [20.2.2024]
  Museum of the Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn in Asbach (Ww.) (2023)     [16.9.2023]
Text about a small museum (including photos), a big narrow-gauge railway and some regional relationships.

Essen, Recklinghausen and Mülheim (2023)     [15.9.2023]
Traveling from Cologne into the Ruhr area (and back), you should always expect a bit of chaos in rail traffic.
  At, in and on the Ammersee (2023)     [2.9.2023]

Electrically powered across Lake Starnberg (2023)     [1.9.2023]
  With the Deutschlandticket across the Rhine (2023)     [26.6.2023]
  Excursions with the German "9-Euro-Ticket" (2022)     [28.9.2022]
Über Amper, Glonn und IlmEinmal Paartal und zurückAusflug mit der HorrorbahnDurchs NRW-Chaos zur Kurhessenbahn und wieder zurückTief im WestenEntspannt durch die Mark BrandenburgWeit nach Osten
Nachbemerkung: Wenn schon nicht gut, dann wenigstens preiswert?
  Hiking at river Ilz (near Passau, Bavaria) (2021)     [28.9.2021]
Ilztal-Railway, a tunnel for tree trunks, interesting river loops.
  Waldkirchen 2021     [24.9.2021]
Some hiking in the Bavarian Forest. Trip by train and bus (Donau-Isar-Express, Waldbahn, Ilztalbahn). Including a visit to the Pošumavská jižní dráha.
  Bayerwald · Böhmerwald · Budweis (2019)     [30.9.2021]
A journey by train and bus through the Bavarian Forest and Bohemia.
  Ein bisschen Südtirol, ein bisschen Graubünden (2018)     [25.9.2018]
Some tours through South Tyrol (Italy) and the Swiss canton of Grisons by public transport.
  Ein Tag Bayerwald und Oberpfalz (2017)     [5.6.2017]
Bavarian Forest and Upper Palatinate by Railway and Bus.
  German-Czech Tours 2016     [25.10.2016]
Part 1: Chemnitz (Saxony) · Ore Mountains · Hof (Bavaria) · Eisenstein
Part 2: Ilztal Railway (Bavaria) · Bohemian Forest · Mühlviertel Railway (Austria)
  Ilztalbahn im Doppelpack (2015)     [3.10.2015]
Two trips to and with the Passau–Freyung railway: Stopover at a nice place at the River Inn, visit of the Bavarian Forest National Park Center, interesting tour to the Dreisessel Mountain and the border to Czech Republic and Austria.
  Von der Ilz an die Wien (2014)     [29.7.2014]
Hiking in the Bavarian Forest, railway trip through Southern Bohemia to Vienna, a stopover in Salzburg on the way back.
  First Class Trip to the "Land by the Sea" (2013)     [17.10.2013]
Pomerania: Anklam, Usedom, Szczecin, Swinoujscie.
  Am südböhmischen Meer (2013)     [30.8.2013]
Travelling by rail, bike and ship to, around and over the "South Bohemian Sea".
  Eine Reise ins Gartenreich (2012)     [28.10.2012]
A journey to and through the "Garden Kingdom" of Dessau-Wörlitz. Also visiting the "Bauhaus" and making trips to Bernburg, Magdeburg and Wittenberg. (Saxony-Anhalt)
  By (Light) Rail, Tramway, Bus and Ship through the Ruhr Region (2012)     [16.9.2012]
Day trip with two ship cruises on the Rhine-Herne Canal and the river Ruhr – notes, photos, timetables.
  Ilztalbahn 2012     [2.6.2012]
A trip to the Bavarian Forest by train and bus and crossing the border to the Czech side.
  An Saale und Unstrut (2011)     [15.9.2011]
Report, photos and some information on a trip to the Saale-Unstrut region in middle Germany (Saxony-Anhalt / Thuringia).
  Donau-Moldau Round Trip (2011)     [28.8.2011]
Re-Opening of Ilztalbahn (Passau–Freyung Railway), Danube River from Passau to Linz, South Bohemia.
  Durch Böhmen und Ostsachsen (2010)     [9.11.2010]
Some pictures and notes about a nice rail journey (Bohemia and eastern Saxony).
  Bergbahn – 10 Jahre später (2009)     [23.6.2009]
Ten years after the first visit another trip to a very special railway.
  Mit Ebay an den Øresund (2008)     [12.1.2009]
A trip to Copenhagen and the Oresund Region.
  One Ticket – Lots of Rail Travel (2007)     [25.8.2008]
Some information on a little round trip by rail, which led to two quite different capitals: Luxembourg and Berlin.
  Mit dem Fahrrad zum Staffelsee (2007)     [9.9.2009]
Bike tour along Ammersee and Staffelsee to Murnau.
  Durch thüringische Täler (2007)     [29.6.2007]
Through thuringian Valleys.
  Die Bergische Runde (2007)     [3.5.2007]
A day trip to an interesting region with some unique means of transportation.
  Stockholm – Oslo – Bergen (2006)     [27.8.2006]
Photos and notes from Scandinavia.
  Von der Lokalbahn zum Bayerischen Meer (2006)     [13.10.2006]
A trip by railway, on foot and by ship.
  Urlaub in Ostfriesland (2005)     [15.4.2006]
Travel report with special consideration of the use of public transport.
  Pfingstausflug 2005     [13.6.2005]
Railway and more between Saxony and Bohemia.
  Pfingstausflug 2004     [25.6.2004]
Steam train meets tramway – a trip to the southern Harz Mountains.
  Eine kleine Reise von Nord nach Süd (2003)     [13.7.2004]
A little journey from Hamburg to Munich.
  Eine Lokalbahn mitten in Bayern (2003)     [10.6.2003]
Trip to a small railway in the middle of Bavaria.
  Noch ein Pfingstausflug (2002)     [30.11.2003]
A border-crossing railway trip to the "Vogtland".
  Between Rhine and Eifel (2001)     [11.12.2001]
A description of two daytrips and some photos.

Through Dragon Country (2001)     [5.8.2002]
A trip with the "Dragon Express". This is a short but interesting railroad near Bonn.
  Saxony by Train (2000)     [2.2.2022]
Detailed travel report with photos and additional information.
  London and Scotland (1999)     [17.1.2022]
Detailed travel report with photos. Comments on timetables and costs.
  Ein Pfingstausflug (1999)     [15.12.2021]
Railway specialities in Thuringia.
Bergbahn revisited – photos and information from July 2003.
  Die Appenzellerbahn Runde (1999)     [7.8.1999]
A day trip to Switzerland.
  New York, New York...
    ... and also Chicago (1998)     [14.12.2021]
Some photos of the North America journey.
  Rügen and Usedom (1996)     [16.10.2021]
A journey to the islands.


Information and Hints on Public Transportation

  english:  Travel Service     [6.12.2023]
An alternate interface to the time table service of German Railways.
Also available as interface to the text-only version of the travel service.

Overview "Fahrplan & Tarif"     [6.1.2023]
  Special Problems getting a special Ticket     [13.1.2005]
  "Saving Money on the MVV" -- discontinued --     [19.12.2010]
(MVV = public transportation system in the greater Munich area)
  Stadtbahnen und Artverwandtes     [29.1.2012]
Links to Light Rail systems and concepts in Germany and worldwide.
  Horber Schienentage     [7.11.2017]
Reports and photos from this annual meeting on public transportation in the city of Horb.
  Links to Rail and More     [16.2.2024]


Concepts, Suggestions, Ideas on Public Transportation

  Bahnknoten München – warum geht es nicht weiter?     [11.2.2015]
Questions on the delayed railway improvement plans for the Munich area.
  From Salzburg to the Munich Airport – and then?     [17.8.2006]
  "RE-X-Konzept" – Suggestions for Southern Bavaria     [31.7.2003]
Extensions to a concept for an interregional railway network.
  Better Connections to the North-East of Bavaria / "Ostbayernexpress"     [21.2.2003]

Railway concepts around the Munich Airport     [21.2.2003]
  U-Bahn 2000 + X     [14.8.2009]
Ideas for extensions of the Munich underground transportation system. With sketch of the suggested underground network.
  ... und die Innenstadt?     [21.7.2000]
Thoughts on the development of public transportation in the Munich city center.

Zurück zur Urbanität!     [18.9.2014]
Suggestions for the area in front of the Munich main station.
  Light Railway – An additional Transportation System for the Munich Area     [13.8.2002]
Comments and new ideas based on a concept from PRO BAHN.

"Mit der Stadtbahn Land gewinnen"     [28.10.2003]
Advantages of modern Light Railway can take effect not only in urban regions.
  Mehr Tram für München!     [31.1.2010]
Ideas for more tramway routes in Munich, somewhat against actual tendencies.
  Bahnen in Bonn     [7.1.2024]
A trip through the history of tram and railway companies in Bonn and some ideas for a future development of the tram and light rail system. With sketches of the tram and rail network (Google Earth / Google Maps), links and additional information.
  List of Publications     [28.1.2024]
2018 – 2020, 2015 – 2017, 2012 – 2014, 2010 – 2011, 2008 – 2009, 2005 – 2007, 2002 – 2004, 2000 – 2001, 1994 – 1999


Articles and other Stuff not only related to Public Transportation

  Twitter  –  Mastodon  –  Instagram
  Feel-Good Station Unterschleißheim     [25.8.2010]
"Railway stations are the gateways to Deutsche Bahn, but also the showpieces of cities and regions. Their appearance and services substantially contribute to customer satisfaction and to the attractiveness of rail transport."
  EXPO 2000 and the Problems of its "Official Carrier"     [6.5.2001]

"BUGA 2005 als S-Bahn-Störfall"     [6.3.2005]
  Das Meckerheft     [20.11.2006]
Some stories around "Deutsche Bahn".   (PDF / 105KB)
  Some Events around the german Newsgroups on Railway and Public Transportation     [8.6.2003]


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